Who We Are

Lee A. Jacobus

 His books include The Bedford Introduction to Drama, Approaching Great Ideas,The Humanities Through the Arts, A World of Ideas, Writing as Thinking, Substance and Strategy, Shakespeare and the Dialectic of Certainty, and more. He is Professor Emeritus at Uconn.

 His plays have been produced in New York City, New Jersey, New Haven, and elsewhere.  A founding editor of Lit: Literature Interpretation Theory, He is a member of the Authors Guild and the Dramatists Guild.

He was a regular on WNPR’s Faith Middleton Show talking about books. See his website:  www.leejacobus.com

Norman Weissman

 After a fifty year career as writer,director and producer
of many award winning films and television programs,
Norman Weissman has written five Novels and a
Memoir. Determined to oppose the silence in which
lies become history the author fulfills his obligation
to all who have told him their stories.

Norman Weissman's "Papers" can now be studied at The Yale Collection of American Literature at the Beineke Library.

Rick Friswell

 Richard John Friswell has a MEd from Boston University and an MPhil in Liberal Arts from Wesleyan University (`14), where he was awarded the Rulewater Prize for interdisciplinary scholarship.  Friswell is currently on the faculty of Wesleyan’s Institute for Lifelong Learning and its Director.

He is publisher and managing editor of ARTES magazine, an international fine arts e-magazine, and an elected member of the Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art, American Section, one of only 450 in the U.S.

Richard Frattali

 Richard Frattali, a founding member of The Groundlings, LA's premier improvisational comedy troupe,now in its 39th year. He was honored for “Best of the 70's” in the troupe's 30th anniversary gala. He has written for television sitcoms as well as writing educational films.  He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the Writers Guild of America.  He lives in northern California.

William J. Kelly

 William J. Kelly, Ph.D., was a commercial journalist, a college English Professor, and the editor of a natural history magazine. His humorous pieces and nature writings appeared in a variety of publications. He lived in Mystic, Connecticut, with his wife Lynn. He died in 2014 while writing a new book.

Two Recent Books


 This collection of essays frames the idea of emotional risk and reward in the context of everyday events. The world beckons us to embrace the unexpected and extraordinary, from a planet-laden evening sky to a high speed taxi ride in New York. The reader is invited on a series of personal, exploratory journeys--some real-world, others philosophical--beyond the realm of the expected. Our 'balancing act' is to hone our powers of observation and engagement in a world full of wonder. 

180 PAGES $12.95 To order this book click on the cover.

  It’s the silly season again in American politics. Wide-ranging intolerable rants, invectives and urgent pleas are being aimed at the most vulnerable members of our community, marginalizing and vilifying many for simply for not being “one of us,” while seemingly animating others to demand accountability for the actions of the “one-percent.” This Age of Exclusion seems to strike a chord with alarmingly large numbers of people on both sides of the aisle—those fed up with the system, with died-in-the-wool politicians and with a feeling of powerlessness—who then, historically, act on a sense of disempowerment and disenfranchisement to take notice, rise up and agitate for change. This particular essay is not a call for some ill-defined new world order, or even for an upending of our historically-stable republican (small-‘r’) system. Yet, this current state of affairs is all too reminiscent of a sentiment voiced in a passage by William Butler Yeats, who fretted in his 1919 post-apocalyptic poem, The Second Coming, “Turning and turning in the widening gyre / The falcon cannot hear the falconer / Things fall apart, the center cannot hold.

A Literary Romance


 Emma is a romantic in the sense that she is an idealist. A noted art historian suffering from a breakup in London, she becomes the director of the Hollister Foundation in Beauport, MA. She is followed by an old flame, who joins the fishing community alarmed by trawling in the Georges Bank. Emma discovers an aged folk sculptor whose totally unknown cemetery monuments to his ancient family astonish her. Determined to bring his work to light, she offends the Foundation and must make a painful choice. Because of a rash judgment, she brings disaster down on the sculptor. Ultimately, she dedicates herself to saving his work for posterity and making her own life over again with hope for a true renewal. 

253 PAGES $14.95 To order a copy click on the cover.

"I've just had the time to read The Romantic Soul of Emma Now and I couldn't put it down."

Lynn Kaminskas